Trendy Chocolate “No-Zip” Pet Stroller For Small To Medium Pets

Trendy Chocolate “No-Zip” Pet Stroller For Small To Medium Pets

it’s a beautiful morning, the sky is blue and the sun is heating the day with it’s warmth to inspire you to call out to your little dog who knows what great surprise is in store, as you place them excitedly in their snazzy new chocolate pet stroller, open the door and set off for the park!

What size dog does it hold?

This could be you and your Chihuahua, Spaniel, Beagle Bichon-Frise, Japanese Chin or Dachshund, any dog or cat up to 40 pounds in weight.

Are there no zips on this pet stroller?

You’ll love the trendy, chocolate color by “Pet Gear” and  new highly-efficient “locking latches” which replace the old zippered style, allowing much easier access, while securing your pet pal inside the pet stroller.

Fabulous features for you and your pet!

There is so much to like about this stylish pet stroller with all-round views and a paw rest so your best buddy won’t miss a thing as you stroll together around the park or neighborhood. There’s also a top window view, so you can keep checking, to see if they are okay.

The spacious interior featuring a comfy removeable pad measures 26″ in length x 12″ in width x 19.5″ in height, making it just right for the small to medium size dog or cat. The height from the ground to the soft, easy grip handle is 40″ and underneath the stroller there is a roomy basket for treats, keys, handbag, or drinks. The whole thing collapses easily for travel, or space saving in the home

Is this a smooth ride?

You want this ride to be smooth as silk and safe, especially if you have an older or unwell pet on board, so you’ll be happy to know the three wheels are solid and sturdy, with shock absorbers at the front, rear safety brakes, plus the front wheel swivels on smooth surfaces.

This is an all-round safe, secure, water-proof pet stroller with plenty of great features including a new lock-latching system that will make access easier than ever before. if you are shopping for a  good looking, solid sturdy pet stroller? This could be the one to get!!