Racing Red, Budget-Friendly Pet Stroller

Racing Red, Budget-Friendly Pet Stroller

Ideal for a little Bichon Frise, Chihuahua or Dashund— pets up to 25 lbs), this popular in red, pet stroller will give your little darling a great ride through the park or town.

Dog Stroller For Small Dogs And Cats..

The stroller is super light-weight, so very easy to maneuver with four easy rolling, sturdy wheels that ensure a safe, bump free ride, while a zippered front with a retractable bonnet keeps your pet cool and safe from those harmful UV rays. The whole thing folds away for storage or travel, making this stylish pet stroller a must have for the pet owner who has an older dog or cat that still loves being taken out, or a little dog that finds it hard to keep up the pace on a long walk. Also an ideal size to fit in the car if your little friend needs to go to the vet. There is no storage basket but still a good investment at an afforable price.

Last thoughts..

This cute and comfortable, simply designed pet stroller is a budget-friendly solution for small dogs, cats who may be in their twilight years or want to go on longer walks with their favorite pet owner. The dog stroller appears relatively easy to assemble and designed to carry smaller pets.

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In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this ~ Terry Pratchett


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