No-Zip Rose, Pet Stroller

No-Zip Rose, Pet Stroller

A very smart looking pet stroller in popular black, rose pink trim, featuring the “NO ZIP” style of securing your pet with easy to access latches that lock your special cargo in while you both enjoy time out together, whether it be catching up with pet-friendly people in the neighborhood, or heading for shopping time in the mall.

Quality, Good Looking Pet Stroller!

This very chic, water-resistant pet stroller  made by “Pet Gear”not only looks good but has some “high end” features such as air tires a plush bolster pad for that smooth, comfy ride, plus an elevated paw rest and panoramic views so your your pet pal doesn’t miss a thing on a smooth as silk ride with 12″ air ride tyres. There is also a large storage basket for all the treats and toys with a parent tray for water, house keys and anything else you need to take when you leave the house.

Pet Stroller Dimensions:

Size of the interior is 28″ in length x 12.5″ in width x 22.5″ in height with the stroller height to handle being approx. 42″.

Last thoughts:

Designed for small to medium cats and dogs weighing up to 70 pounds which is what a Bull Terrier generally weights in at. (between 60 and 70lbs), this super stylish pet stroller features a NO Zipper feature, with air tyres that makes for a smood ride and enough space to fit a medium size dog or two cats, smaller dogs.

Quote of the day:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France



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