Gorgeous Girly Pink Pet Stroller For Cats And Dogs

Gorgeous Girly Pink Pet Stroller For Cats And Dogs

Personalize your look with a pet stroller you can rely on with¬† all the quality control certification in place to meet safety standard sensuring¬† a smooth ride with four stable wheels, mesh screens to keep the bugs out whle allowing your precious cargo to never miss a thing as pets like nothing more than to check out the “whose who” of dogs and cats in their neighborhood.

Plenty Of Extra Features

There are some awesome extras on this glamor girl pet stroller, with rear security brakes, easy front and rear entry, a leash to keep them safe and secure plus a waterproof rain hood that rolls back and spacious storage area underneath to carry your bag, keys, pet treats and two cup holders for drinks


The overall size of this super cute (OxGord) pink pet stroller is 34″ in length x 18″ in width x 40″ in height with a carriage size of 21″ in length x 14″ in width x 19″ in height. If you are thinking of taking your cat or dog out to the country or for a visit with friends, it’s so easy to fold up the stroller and pop it in the boot of the car. The folded size is 32″ in length x 17″ in width x 11″ in height. You could get two cats or small dogs inside this stroller and it arrives mainly assembled apart from the wheels, tray and foot rest. The budget-friendly¬† price tag is sure to be appealing and the girly pink color a magic find!.

Great for Aging Pets

Pet strollers are a fantastic invention as aging and disabled pets can leave the house and enjoy the outdoors everyday. They are ideal for a trip to the vet, out of town or just cruising the local area, loving the fact that your dog or cat is having quality time with you, wherever you need to go. So pretty in a rose shade of pink, this stylish pet stroller is the ideal choice for taking your cat or small dog out for a leisurely walk!

if you prefer the way a three wheeler pet stroller navigates, the good news is you can purchase this charming stroller with either four or three wheels.


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