Good Looking Green “No-Zip” Smooth Ride Pet Stroller

Good Looking Green “No-Zip” Smooth Ride Pet Stroller

Many of us who have the beauty of dogs and cats sharing our lives, will know how it feels to watch your cat struggle to go outside or climb the back fence as I did with my little girl Lulu and felt completely helpless because I didn’t know how I could help her get outside, until a caring friend introduced me to the wonderful world of pet strollers and I have to say I was instantly sold, as this meant all the senior dogs and cats like Lulu could get out and about with their human pet pals and see everything they used too, without having to leave the comfy interior of their new pet stroller.

Ideal For Senior Pets

Pet strollers have meant a better quality of life for so many disabled or senior pets and that’s why I love introducing you to the best there is available, so you can experience the absolute joy of a walk around the neighborhood or park with your older cat or dog, who trust me, will thank you for it!

Fabulous Modern Features!

The pet stroller on offer today is a gorgeous forest green color, with trendy features like a new “no-zip,” system that works off an easy to use “locking latch,” instead of the zippered style of securing your pet. As you can see from the image there is a massive mesh window in the front, which keeps your dog safe from the ever changing weather elements, while allowing them to see everything, to the left. right and front of where they sit. There is also a handy window at the top so you can keep a check on how they are doing on your ride. I am loving these solid, sturdy 12″ pneumatic wheels, ideal for joggers and unwell pets who need a smooth ride plus navigating over tough terrain, with a front wheel that swivels for easy movement and a compact air pump, if you get a flat tire on your walk!

Awesome Extras!

Underneath the stroller is an enclosed, spacious parent tray where you can store your pet treats, drinks, wallet securely, while your adorable cat or dog sits his front paws on the elevated rest in the interior and just in case you have the top down and they get a little excited at the sight of another dog or cat, there is a tether to keep them securely in the stroller, even if your not so cat-friendly, doggie pal wants to give sudden chase!

What are the measurements?

The interior compartment measures 30″ in length x 13″ in width x 22″ in height, with a weight capacity of 70 pounds so you could fit a medium sized dog like a miniature poodle, basset hound or two smaller dogs and cats comfortably.

This stroller is well worth the price for it’s highly attractive, spacious, “no-zip,” super smooth, air ride appeal and yes it folds down easily for the car or home!