Glamorous Red Pet Stroller For Smaller Dogs

Glamorous Red Pet Stroller For Smaller Dogs

Checking out the awesome specs for this racing red pet stroller, you can see a lot of thought has gone into making this a honey of a pet stroller, so you and your best pal dog, can have a great time together, strolling in the great outdoors knowing this highly fashonable pet buggy ticks a ton of boxes, for quality and ease of use!

What size dog fits comfortably?

This is always an important question when choosing what pet stroller to buy, so this one is designed for the smaller dogs like Dachund, Shih Tzu, Pug, Bichon Frise, Pekinese and of course your much loved cat. who might be getting a little older and needs to be taken to the vet more often or out for a walk, so they won’t miss out on seeing the sights and sounds they enjoyed in their independent youth!

Is this a safe and secure ride?

This glamorous red, pet stroller made by the popular OxGord Paws & Pals”brand, features a sleek overall look with mesh windows on the top, front and rear, plus a strong, fiber zipper system for easy access and keeping your pet secure, The sturdy 6″ wheels make for a super comfy outing over all kinds of terrain, while a spacious basket underneath with solid plastic cup holders, keeps your personal items and treats safe throughout the ride. When it comes time to store it at home, or fold it down to put in the car, you’ll be amazed how quick it can be packed away.

What size is the interior and overall?

The pet stroller measures 34″ in length x 17.5″ in width x 39″ in height. Interior is 21″ in length x 14″ in width x 19″ in height. When folded down the stroller measures 32″ in length x 17″ in width x 11″ in height. Weight capacity is 30lb.

Light-weight for all styles of travel, this easy on the eye, pet stroller will give your adorable dog, cat the smooth silky stroll, you’ll look forward to every day.