Dog Treats

Popular, Made In The USA, Milk-Bone Delicious Treats For Smaller Dogs

Dogs love treats and it’s up to us as their loving caregivers to ensure what goes in their mouths is not only delicious but reasonably nutritious, so it makes good sense to offer our dogs a wholesome, brand name with a history of providing top quality, affordable dog treats going back to 1908, when it... Read More »

Healthy Gourmet Beef Jerky Dog Treats

If I come home from shopping with something for my two boys, Japanese Chin and Maltese/Bichon (Maltichon), all I have to is say the magic word “present” and they get so excited knowing their mom has brought something really tasty or fun to play with. Tasty All Natural Dog Treats! I love my boys and... Read More »

Popular Oral Hygiene Chews for Smaller Dogs

We love our pets and spend a lot of time seeking out the best food, and treats that  will keep them healthy and happy but all to often we forget one very important thing. “Their TEETH!!” Helps Prevent Tooth Decay! If left unattended just like humans they develop issues with tooth decay and this can... Read More »

Tasty Training Treats For Dogs

Encouragement, positive reinforcement and treat rewards is still one of the easiest and effective ways to train your dog to do as you ask and usually the tastier they are the more the dogs attention span centers on that mouth watering treat in your hand or treat pouch. Make Training Fun And Effective! These bacon... Read More »

Simply Irresistible, Mini Roasted Chicken Dog Training Treats

If you need tasty, training treats that are ideal for big and small dogs with all ingredients coming from the U.S except for the wild rabbit and venison choice being sourced from New Zealand, these appetizing treats are sure to get your dogs attention and responsive to what your are trying to teach them. Low... Read More »

Delicious Duck & Chicken Dog Treats

As dog owners we value our four legged friends no less than any other family member, so are generally fussy about what we allow them to eat. The news is out that your adorable Boxer, Maltese or oodle may have an aversion to certain foods or those with wheat in them, a common allergy among... Read More »

Natural Crunchy Chicken And Rice “Dumbbells” Dog Treats

All I have to do is the say the magic word “Present” and my Bichon/Maltese named Cappuccino gets so excited and does this cute little dance showing his immense happiness at receiving such a yummy treat, If he puts it down though, his house pal Benji the Japanese Chin, will whisk it away down to... Read More »