Dog Grooming

Amazing, Self Cleaning Pet Grooming Brush For Tangled, Matted Fur

Grooming time should always be a happy experience for you and your dog but in my case not always so as my Cappuccino has a mix of Maltese and Bichon Frise hair, which seems to mat and tangle so quickly, making groom time a NOTso pleasurable event for me or my boy! Premium Pet Brush... Read More »

Great Value, Large Adjustable Pet Dog Grooming Table

Investing in a dog grooming table for the home is a clever idea if you have a dog like mine that is not a huge fan of being clipped. it doesn’t take up room either as it folds down for easy storage in between grooming sessions and makes the process stress free for both you... Read More »

“Best Selling” Dog Nail Clippers For Dogs

A lot of pet owners get really nervous at the thought of trimming their dogs nails, as it can be easy to hurt them by cutting into the sensitive quick, which is the actual dogs nail where the blood flows and will bleed if you cut to far in. When their pets nails grow long... Read More »

Rechargeable, Cordless Black And White Pet Grooming Clippers

I clip my two small dogs as my Maltese/Bichon gets so nervous when you work on his front legs and I have often wondered if he was treated not so kindly in his past before he came to me, by a possibly impatient groomer. I have met some of the nicest dog groomers on the... Read More »

Trendy Blue Deshedding and Light Trimming Tool For Dogs And Cats

Tired of finding pet hair on the sofa and carpet?? I can totally relate to that, as Japanese Chins may be a fabulous pet-pal, but they do shed a bit of hair and I’m often finding my little Chin’s black and white hair on the sofa, rug and my clothes, usually just before I leave... Read More »

Affordable Professional, 10-Piece Dog U-Clip Pet Grooming Kit

it’s nice dropping your dog off at the groomers and spending the time shopping or having a coffee at the local cafe, but if you want to save the cost of having your dog clipped professionally, you can do it yourself and it might be a lot easier than you think! My Boy Cappuccino… My... Read More »