Buyers Guide

We have put together this guide to help you find the best match for your Pet Stroller needs and decide which style, brand is right for you.

Quality & Functionality

First I believe you should look at the quality of the stroller and how it compares with others similar to it but made by different companies. Although most strollers listed on this website have been scrutinized for quality it is a well known fact that some strollers that are advertised as lite-weight can be unsuitable for larger dogs even though they are advertised as perfectly safe.

The good news is customers leave “reviews” and in general do so to help the next person wanting to buy. Check all reviews to see if the stroller was considered to be sturdy and big enough to take the dog or cat weight that was promoted by the company…Other questions you should ask are..

Are their safety straps inside the compartment?…Did previous customers find the stroller easy to assemble/fold away and were the instructions easy to read?…Is the company helpful if there is a problem?..Does the stroller have plenty of storage area for water, treats, toys?.. Do you feel your pet will be safe in this stroller?..Is this pet stroller the right size for your cat or dog to fit in comfortably?….Do the parts appear well made?.. Is it easy to get your pet in and out of the stroller.? Is the pet stroller easy to maneuver and does it have a safety brake system?..Are the wheels made of durable rubber and what type of terrain is the stroller designed for?

These are all questions that can usually be answered by checking out the reviews. This also helps the company improve on their product.


Before you lay your cash on the table compare prices with different brands and know which type of pet stroller is best suited to you. There are strollers for small cats and dogs, larger dogs and strollers (Bike trailers) that hook onto the back of your bike. You can easily get an excellent pet stroller that does everything you need for under $100.00 at this store..


When a brand have proven themselves to be a consistent performer it is hard not to want to buy from them but in saying that there are new companies in the Pet stroller market doing very well.. so it pays to check what has been said and then weigh up your options.


When you spend money you need to know that if anything goes wrong with the product you are covered by a manufacturers warranty. Some vary so take a close look at what exactly will be replaced..




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