Affordable, Emerald (No-Zip) Pet Stroller For Small Dogs And Cats

Affordable, Emerald (No-Zip) Pet Stroller For Small Dogs And Cats

Welcome to the “NO ZIP” (Sturdy Latch System) pet stroller, a new innovation that side steps the potential of some zippers to stick while allowing your pet to see, hear and smell everything from the comfort of his or her comfy enclosure.

Stylish Pet stroller For Smaller Breeds

This size stroller with an interior area measuring 24″ in length x 12″ in width x 22″ in height is recommended for cats and dogs up to 30lbs in weight, so is perfect for small breeds like a Pekinese or Maltese. These types of dogs will be able to sit and lie down in the stroller making it a versatile choice for caring owners. The height from the ground to handle is 40.”

Best suited for walks around the city..

No need to worry if you get caught out in the rain as this versatile stroller presented by “Pet Gear,” is made of 600 denier water-resistant material, keeping your fur-baby dry throughout the ride while they enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view of everything going on around them. The stroller is better suited to city streets and not off road, as the wheels are designed for flat terrain.

“No-Zip” Easy Access, Affordable Pet Stroller

If you prefer a “no-zip” style of access this attractive Emerald, pet stroller with a super-spacious basket underneath to carry groceries, a raincoat for yourself, treats, drinks—featuring a reasonable price tag, may be just what you need to transport your cat or dog.


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